20+ Inspirations To Choosing The Right Tables For Cramped Room

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Are you currently staying in a small house or in the studio apartment? When you have a limited space, placing some furniture you need could be a real challenge, especially table. Table is an important element in a room setup, whether just as an ornament or with its function depends on the room where it is placed. Table size also varied according to the needs of its users.

When you have such tiny dwellings to place the table, you need some necessary tricks and the right table choice so you can still take advantages of the function of the table. Here are some tips on choosing the right tables for your narrow rooms.

1. Modify One to Fit the Room
This kitchen and dining room is very narrow but comely! The difference of floor levels and the transparent glass partition make the room looks spacious and avoid the feeling of being isolated from other room in the house. This small, elongated table made of wood is in harmony with the other white themed interiors and darker color wood accent.
Even though it looks small, you can have your dinner with the entire family here comfortably. The small sofa extending on one side added with three chairs that matched with the sofa cushions make the room looks minimalist but determined.

2. Mounted to the Wall and Integrated with Shelves
To keep a table functional and save space, mounting a table to the wall and have it integrated with shelves can be a great solution for a narrow room. It doesn’t take a lot of space, instead it provides many new places especially for storage.

3. Table As Well As Storage
Choosing a table that is not just a flat board with legs can be suitable for you who have narrow space. Tables with this storage space at the bottom are usually found in the kitchen as a counter, and this type of tables can also be used in any room other than the kitchen.

4. Table Set
A table like this one will give an add to the aesthetics of the room and be really functional when the room is not full of other furniture. The elongated benches that go along with it also save some space.

5. Hallway Table
This type of table usually placed in the nook or sticking to the wall of the corridors so we can only use one side of it, so is the wooden table in the corner of this kitchen. However, it can be a space-saving solution for narrow spaces.

6. The Diner-Style Table Set
Not only unique and rare, diner or cafe-style table set can be set up on a small corner of the small left space in your house.

7. The Round Table that Extends
Playing with the shape of the table can also be a solution for cramped room. Choose a table with a circular shape and elongated at the same time, it’s unique and yet has many functions and sides to be used together.