30+ Simple Steps to Create the Ultra-Modern Kitchens

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To create a modern kitchen, there are some basic requirements to be fulfilled. Not only looks elegant and fun, an ultra-modern kitchen should also be practical and functional.

We are going to show you 14 important steps to create the ultra-modern kitchen, along with images of projects that will support your wild imagination to design. You ready? Check out all the list below!

1. Function
A modern kitchen should be functional. Be wise when it comes to choosing the equipment for it has an important role for your ultra-modern kitchen.

2. Supporting Details
Choose a supporting details – or, in this case, the color – that would blend nicely with the other elements of the overall kitchen.

3. Storage Spaces
A modern kitchen will require a large storage space to store all the food and anything you need in a daily basis.

4. A Striking White Color
The white color is usually associated with modernity. Represented white color in wide and bright furniture can make the room feel more contemporary.

5. Furniture
Furniture also has a main role in ultra-modern kitchens. See how beautiful the hanging lights in this picture are, they give a strong character throughout the room.

6. Outdoor Kitchen
Who says that a kitchen must be indoor? If you are lucky enough to have a large terrace, you should consider this idea of creating a beautiful outdoor kitchen as in the picture. It looks very charming and contemporary, isn’t it?

7. Color
In modern kitchen, color selecting should also be done carefully because it can affect other small details or the mood in the room.

8. Kitchen with Tropical Nuances
Representing a tropical feel in the kitchen is an excellent solution for ultra-modern kitchen. Besides looking beautiful, it will also look practical and spectacular. Of course, this must be supported by a spacious room dimension.

9. More Touch of Retro
These days, more and more people are opting for vintage color so you don’t have to replace the oldies kitchen furniture and accessories, especially those with the character of retro.

10. Lighting
Bright lighting is an important component to support your cooking activity. Installing white furniture that extends to the ceiling can accentuate the brightness and freshness of the room.

11. Linear Lines in the Kitchen
Furniture with minimalist and geometric detailing give a significant contribution to a dynamic and modern kitchen. Adding a stained glass as shown in the picture makes the kitchen look even more unique.

12. The Level of Comfort
Now, pay attention to the comfort of the kitchen. Don’t let the ultra-modern design eliminate the comfort in it!

13. Furnishing
Ultra-modern furniture usually features clean lines, sculptural looks, or minimalist color.

14. Optimize the Use of Space
Often, the limited space is more difficult to convert into a more elegant and modern look. The following image is a perfect and fun example to make your kitchen look attractive and functional in a very limited space. This way, your needs won’t remain unfulfilled!