20+ Best Living Room Ideas With Black Walls

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Choosing color for your living room and deciding which color scheme to use can be a real challenge. Color is an essential thing to make a statement, accentuate any area in the room, it can also influence your mood. You can get various effects and looks depends on the color you choose for the space. You sure want colors that fit your taste, but today we will show you some ideas on how to rock your living room with the color black.

Why black? Black is a gorgeous timeless color that never goes out of style, it can perfectly blend with every other shade. Black is perfect for any room and interior: Scandinavian, minimalist, modern, and so on. It will not make your living room seem gloomy, instead it can make your interior stand out as long as you choose the right color for the details and decoration. The key is to always opt for neutrals or bold color for the rest of the interiors. Black walls can create such a deep and relaxing surrounding, that can affect your mood. Take a look at these living room ideas to get inspired!

A Black Statement Wall
A black statement wall is a common idea for a Scandinavian, modern, pop art, or minimalist space. It’s usually done in monochromatic color scheme: black, white, grey, and maybe navy. You can go for a wood, brick, stone wall, cover it with wallpaper, or simply paint it. To create a deep impact, it should be the wall that you see first when you’re entering the room, or the fireplace wall. If you want a more stunning look, enhance the effect of dark walls by creating a neutral space with vividly colored walls or furniture. You can also choose bold colors such as pink, green, orange, or purple for the details or decoration to make the room more colorful.

Several Black Walls
Several black walls are suitable for moody spaces, the dark color can be easily matched with many other colors. Spice up the look of the black walls and install furniture in any style as you like it. If you are into minimalist space, a bold simple furniture or geometric touches is your great choice. A more glam space will look cool with crystal chandeliers, vintage furniture, moldings, or some brass touches. You can also go for leather furniture, simple pendant lamps, or a faux fur to create a masculine space. Check out the ideas below!