30+ Apartment with Artistic Japanese Style Design

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If you are looking for the interior design inspiration for your apartment, take a look at the work of our professionals of SAE Studio. The architects designed a Japanese-style interior that is very pretty in Trivium Apartment, Lippo Cikarang. With a view that soothes the eye, this Japanese-style interior design has a minimalist look with harmonious alignment, very unique and determined.

1. Japanese Slide Door and Natural Elements
Stepping into the apartment we are spoiled by the appearance of a very comfortable living room. With the simplicity and the use of natural elements and neutral colors, this room is so refreshing with proper circulation and excellent lighting.
The combination of brown color from wood material with white-washed walls and green shades of the plants create a beautiful harmony. The sense of Japanese decoration is also characterized by the sliding doors which are often used to create flexible and flowing spaces.

2. Dining Room and Kitchen
Next to the living room area, the dining table is placed in the kitchen to maximize the room function. This Japanese style room concept make the apartment looks simple and minimalist. Moreover, there are a lot of wood elements in the room that really brings up the feel of Japan, combined with neutral colors such as black, white, and grey that makes the look even more stylish.
The architects chose to use minimalist furniture but still functional. They also placed some plants to bring natural ambiance to the room.

3. The Unique Seating Area
Besides sofa, the design also includes a unique seating area to relax. It has box-shaped, and placed near a wooden framed window, this spot is functioned as a bay window. It can also be used as a comfortable reading area or even to have a “tea time” just like the Japanese culture.

4. Bedroom
The bedroom is dominated with white color and natural colors that are commonly found in Japanese style, make the room feel comfortable and provide positive energy also relaxing. The touch of wood color can give more feel of Japan. Another thing that steal our attention is the wooden accent on the wall that turns out to be a beautiful headboard. The comfortable and warm atmosphere is also strengthen by the presence of plants in the room. So pretty!

In general, the history of Japanese architecture adhering to the principles of simplicity and a peace of mind. With simple interior and minimalist decoration, plus the use of many natural elements and materials bring a calming effect and the feel of connected with nature. This work really shows us the Japanese characteristic in a form of a very beautiful interior design and decoration.