30+ Minimalist Micro Apartment With A Hint Of Color

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The demand for smaller and smaller living spaces these days is very much growing. To satisfy that needs, many designers and architects come up with the ideas and solutions that show us how little we need for comfortable living. We have selected these four cool design ideas of micro apartments in Vilnius, Lithuania, all of them are created and decorated in the same way but with different color accent.

Heima Architects challenges the minimum expectations for cozy living. All of these apartments were done with the basic color of white refreshed with some hints of single color: grey, pink, navy, and green. Such color mixtures were used sometimes to spice up the shapes and the areas of these tiny houses, or stick with monochromatic colors to accentuate the minimalist concept.

In spite of its minimum of size, each of these apartments provides nearly everything necessary for common lifestyles – a bed, a kitchenette, a living room or a work space, and even a bath – all in their minimized versions, simplified but still comfortable to use. It’s also placed perfectly that the house doesn’t look jumbled or stuffy at all. Some of the areas are divided by using ‘transformer’ furniture, including a bed that opens a stroll-in dresser while lifted, and a dining table/desk that can be without problems turned into a coffee table when flipped on its side. The kitchen is carried out with comfy cabinets, there’s also a small living area with a nesting coffee table and a sofa plus a little working space within the nook. In the other corner of the room you may see a ladder with drawers for storage and a bathroom in a block. The location of these components is unique from one apartment to another apartment.

To save some space in such tiny areas, designers also came up with some other playful design ideas. The storage space is placed under the bed platform and there are numerous integrated shelves plus wall-installed ones, even within the toilet to satisfy the necessities of a modern-day life. Different space-saving solutions include stackable furniture and functional objects that are used to divide the areas rather than the partitions – it can also be performed to save some space. Some of the apartments even have a full-size bathtub there’s sufficient area saved. Check out all of these minimalist houses and get yourselves influenced!