20+ Smart Space-Saving Solutions and Storage Ideas

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Either small or spacious, all houses need sufficient storage space, it’s quite important in order to keep the house neat and organized. Therefore, regardless of the dimensions, the design of a house is not just merely about aesthetics but also functionality. Storage space is ideally designed ot meet its function and the requirements of the house owner. Here are some creative ideas on how to maximize storage by making the most of the space in your house.

1. Hidden Compartment
Behind this dark color wood kitchen cabinet, there are secret compartment. You can place some kitchen supplies or cleaning kits in it. It’s great for any kitchen but especially for small one, you can have additional work space for c

2. The secret drawer under the stairs
This one is ideal as a storage in your small house, especially a two-storey house. This stair design has double benefit. In addition to functioning as a stairway, each step serves as a drawer! This simple and safe stair design that includes a set of storage space is ideal, huh?

3. Shelves on the Headboard
This custom made shelf is integrated with the headboard so that it provides more area while saving space without interfering with your sleep comfort. Each furniture in this house by ARF interior was built specifically; from the material, the design, also its interior integration to maximize the potential and comfort of each room.

4. Multifunction Drawer
This one looks like a drawer in a drawer, but actually the drawer only has its own organizational system to sort out your goods so they’re not mixed. You can sort the items that you frequently use such as hair clips and hair dryer, or things that have to be replaced periodically such as drugs.

5. Floor Level with Additional Drawers
Floor levels are typically used to define zone or break up an open-plan space, but for this small bedroom with elongate shape the function is also optimized for extra storage space. The floor level is not only used to separate the bedroom from other room but also as a storage space that includes a set of drawers in various shape and size, you don’t need to place cabinets as separate furniture.

6. Unique Wall Shelves
The shape is seemingly similar to the beams you create when you play Tetris. You can use it as a decorative area, to put a small storage boxes for keys and other objects, or even both. The shelves is designed as a gorgeous wall decoration that also can be utilized as a storage space.
Which one of those you want to have for your dream house?