30+ Trendy Paint Colors for Minimalist Houses

2 min read

We’re often too focus on choosing paint color for interior in the house, while choosing exterior paint color is as much important. Unlike the walls in the house, the exterior of the house generally has a larger field so we need to be careful when choosing the right colors.

The paint colors selected will determine the feel and the look of your house. Today we are sharing a few examples of paint colors for minimalist houses that will help you to choose the right color for the house of your dream.

1. Be Elegant with Grey
Grey is often forgotten when it comes to choosing the paint for the facade of the house. We are likely too focused on choosing the pop and bright colors. However, we can learn from this project by Ashari Architect that shows us the using of grey color for the facade is something very worthy to be considered. This color is super elegant!

2. Bright White
Although white is too mainstream, we must admit that we can never go wrong with this color. Not only that white is neutral, but it also gives the impression of wide and bright. For minimalist houses where the majority of the composition is also very simple, white color selection can also make a futuristic impression. Take a look at the project example in the picture.

3. Warm Coffee Milk
For those of you who are challenged to try something different, you can consider the option of brown shade. Although the coffee milk or light brown color has a distinct shade, it’s fairly similar to white color which maintain a neutral characteristic. This color choice can also make a warm impression that will give you that feeling of home sweet home.

4. White and Grey
Confused to choose between two very elegant color choices? Feel free to combine them because when an elegant color joined by a more elegant color, it will only result as a very elegant combination. This house of white and grey, for example, will immediately make others want to own your house.

5. Bold Red
Are you a fan of the red color, but hesitate to express it on the facade of your house? Well stop hesitating, there is a clever way to express yourself with your favorite color. Use the red color only on a small parts of the wall on the facade, for example, the area around the windows or the entrance. That way, your house will be more stunning without feel redundant or dominant.

6. Calming Green
Besides red, you can also consider the use of other colors such as green color to give the impression of calm and peace in your house. Another ingenious tips that we’re sharing here is to apply the color to some elements such as windows, doors, windows trails, or the railing. It’s often forgotten that these elements are actually parts of the facade of the house that cannot be separated from it so it also needs a proper attention.

7. Contrasting Black
Black is certainly not a common choice for the facade of the house. However, do not immediately rule out the possibility of using black for your house before you see this project of an architect from Japan. The black color on this project brings the exterior of this house to become very prominent compared to the surrounding environment that are mostly done in bright colors. We sure that your mysterious yet minimalist and elegant house will draw the attention of all your new neighbors.