30+ Guide to Choosing Curtains for Your Minimalist House

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We all have seen curtains in various patterns, shape, and form, also in various size from small, medium to large. Curtain is not only beautiful to decorate your house, but it also has a significant function, from protecting the house from light coming in through the window to the aesthetic function.

Curtain was originally designed to be very simple and modest, made of plain cloth and was placed in front of a window or glass to cover it so it’d be protected from sunlight. You can adjust it so it would not cover the whole window until you have the proper amount of light you allow to enter the room. To have the correct choice of curtains, you should be smart to match it with the home design. Here are some properties you have to consider when you choose curtains for your minimalist houses.

1. Colors and Motifs
You can use a neutral color such as white for the vitrage, then choose a color and pattern that is consistent with the theme color of the room. If you dare, try playing with color gradations that would bring up an unusual ambiance. You can start with a soft gradation.

For a room full of furniture with various shades such as jars or colorful painting, it would be better to use plain patterned curtains so that the room doesn’t seem too crowded. Conversely, if the room seem monotonous and flat, you can use a floral or stripes curtains for the windows. Both of these motifs are the most common used for curtain. Or, you can choose the motif of Indonesian batik if you like an ethnic touch in your minimalist room.

2. The Materials
There are various kinds and types of materials for curtains: silk, cotton, and many more that you can choose based on your taste. As for the vitrage, typically it’s made of a thin and transparent cloth or types of linen with a very distinctive texture.

If you want to block sunlight from entering the house, use a blackout type that capable of blocking around 80-90% of the sunlight. To create an impression of luxury, you can use a velvet cloth. The only thing you should keep in mind is that this type of fabric is easily covered with dust or attract spiders to make webs if it’s not cleaned regularly. Also, you need to find the proper thickness for velvet that is too thick will make the room feel stuffy.

3. The Size of the Cloth
Choose the cloth that can completely close the windows for its function is to block the sunlight that comes in, and make sure that it fit perfectly. There are several ways to hang curtains that can be adapted to the style of your house. Whether it touches the floor, dangling, or having an extra fabric laying on the floor. For minimalist look, just install curtains that slightly have contact with the floor.

Don’t forget to measure properly the height and length of fabric needed to make sure you’re not getting curtains that is not too long or too short.