Wonderful Small Kitchen Transformations 45
Wonderful Small Kitchen Transformations 45

30+ Wonderful Small Kitchen Transformations

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Kitchen in every house is designed not only to prepare the food but also for a family to gather, enjoying breakfast or drinking coffee. Regardless of its size, kitchen is the heart of a house.

Today, we are going to show you some wonderful kitchen transformations that will make you impressed. With the experts’ help, these kitchens are now completely changed and have their own character.

1. Before: the Ruined Kitchen
This kitchen condition is really messy. All elements need to be repaired. Look at how this room is badly damaged.
After: Modern Kitchen
The previous ruins have now been transformed into an elegant kitchen with modern design. The kitchen is designed with open-plan concept and only separated by a half wall partition. The color pallet of this Kitchen is done of white and grey, the sparkling metallic kitchen equipment blend perfectly in this room and make it more beautiful. Although this kitchen is small, it’s still comfortable for daily kitchen activity.

2. Before: The 70s Nightmare
The decoration in this kitchen is not laid out well, old-fashioned, and messy—nobody wants to see a kitchen like this. However, look at the changes.
After: Stylish and Classy
This kitchen is transformed to a modern kitchen and is back to functioning properly. The U-shaped kitchen furniture is a great choice to make the most out of the limited space. Besides, this wooden furniture with black surface looks so trendy. There are also a lot of cabinets and storage shelves so that the kitchen is well organized.

3. Before: Small and Narrow
It can be difficult to prepare food in a small kitchen, not to mention cooking and enjoying the food. Look at what the interior designers did to solved this limited space problem.
After: Safe and Comfortable
The changes of the furniture arrangement, the wall paint, and the dining table selection in this kitchen is amazing. The wall is now light blue, contrast with the herringbone patterned wooden floor. The white furniture is placed against the wall to leave enough space to move. The designers sure have utilized the space optimally.

4. Before: Old-Fashioned Kitchen
This kitchen is so old-fashion and has become a nightmare for the past generation. This kitchen showed no sign of life. Let’s look at how it transformed.
After: Airy Kitchen
The New white furniture with wood surfaces make the kitchen look modern and seem fresh with contemporary decorations. The small window allows natural light to enter the room so it becomes brighter. This kitchen makes you want to stay all day!

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