30+ Inspirations for Minimalist Carport Design

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In this modern era, carport has become a trend as the alternative to the garage, especially for houses with contemporary, minimalist, industrial, or Scandinavian style.

Carport not only serves to park the car, but can also be used to put motorcycles or bicycles. We will show you some of our favorite minimalist semi-closed carport designs.

1. Artistic Form
This minimalist house created by the architects of Gubah Ruang Studio displays a very unique asymmetrical shape. It’s not only the building that attracts attention, but also the carport design that also appears to be eccentric with wood and transparent glass material.

2. The Modern Country Farmhouse Design
A house with a modern concept of a country farmhouse is not less attractive. Dominated by white color, the carport is made really spacious to fit multiple vehicles. Still prioritizing a tropical concept, this carport also appears to be minimalist and looks sturdy.

3. Using Transparent Glass
Yup, a roof canopy made of glass material id people’s favorite to complete the carport design. If you want to bring up minimalism, rustic, or tropical, try using this material. Besides making it look modern, the facade of your house will be more attractive too.

4. A Unique Carport
This semi-enclosed carport looks unique and amazing. How not, the carport that fits one vehicles is integrated with the house. Of course, the roof of the carport is one of the rooms in the house. It’s so cool with the brown color that blends perfectly with the black color that dominates the house.

5. Minimalist Carport with Stones Material
Separated a bit far from the house building, this carport gives a solid impression by utilizing glass roof and stones wall. We must agree that this carport is not only functional but also catch the eye.

6. Beautiful Ceramic Accent
Is this carport your favorite? This attractive carport is built in an open style and integrated with the house building. You will not only see its function to protect the vehicle from heat and rain, but the accent tiles also contributes to bring up the elegance of this minimalist carport.

7. Ultra-Modern Design
A house façade that looks compact, contemporary, and clean can look more attractive with the presence of a carport on its side. The green color of the grass garden provides a natural ambience. This ultra-modern carport also blends harmoniously with the house design.