20+ How to Renew Your Kitchen on a Budget

1 min read

When renovating or redesigning the house, every penny is precious. Besides planning a Good design, you should also plan the budget carefully.

If you are recently planning to renovate or just redecorate your kitchen, here are some tips to make your kitchen more chic on a budget.

1. Create a Different Atmosphere with the New Lightings
First, you need to review all the lighting you have in your kitchen. Lighting is an important element to make a different ambience and to support the kitchen function. Replacing the main light or its settings can provide a different style and bring more comfort to your kitchen.

2. Add Accents
Invest your funds for some decorations that would steal anyone’s attention. This beautiful wooden cutting boards can be an option, it can be a sweet decoration in the room and at the same time still functions as a cookware.

3. Change the Color of the Wall
Wall is one of the easiest and cheapest options to be updated and it can be the main feature of your kitchen. Repainting your kitchen walls can add to a dramatic impression, especially if you choose the light colors.

4. Give a New Touch to the Furniture
Does your old furniture start to annoy you? Try to repaint your furniture for an easier solution and a refreshed appearance. Choose bright colors such as cottage blue to make the kitchen more beautiful and comfortable.

5. Cover the Cabinets with Curtains
If your cabinets look messy, you can get rid of this dreadful scenery by covering it with curtains. You can buy one or just sew it at home—all depending on your preference. Not only providing a compelling ambience, curtains are also easily removable and washable so you can keep your kitchen hygiene.

6. Own One Valuable Tool
Just buying anything you need and put it all in the kitchen is often not a good idea. Instead of being practical, it can become a bother. When buying things, prioritize what you really need instead of what you want. Also, it’s better to have one quality tool than many of others that you will discard within a month. If necessary, you can wait until your savings are enough to get one tool that you really need in your kitchen. One quality tool is not only functional, but can also make a luxurious decoration.

7. Renewed Work Space
The last tips we have here is to replace or renovate your kitchen work table. If you have a work table or counter with wooden surfaces, then you are lucky. You can just sand the old surfaces that might have changed in color and stained, so it will look as new. Other material such as stone needs a professional touch depending on the condition, so it might need special treatment.