30+ This High-Ceilinged House is Extremely Unique

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Today we will introduce you a house that really can only be described by the word “beautiful”. The house is designed with a high ceiling which allows enough space for the interior, it even seems indefinite; spacious, bright living room that is unforgettable; noble building with the material textures that make the house look elegant and luxurious.

This house, which is located in Berlin, is designed by the architects of Müllers Büro. Both the exterior and interior decorations of this house must be able to capture your heart!

The Facade
This house may look simple and beautiful with many French windows on the wall. The all-white design makes the building looks more elegant. There are various plants and flowers you can enjoy on the walkway to this house. There is also a wooden gazebo that complements the garden.

A Chalet
On the other side of garden, apart from the main building, there is also a small chalet. The natural wood used has textures and small detailing that will make others think that it’s designed really carefully.

The High Ceiling
This bunk-like house is designed with an open plan concept. The high ceiling and the windows make a spacious and bright room.

The combination of wood and white colored arched wooden stairs is very pleasing to the eye. As for decoration, various plants are placed around the room. This touch of green seems also integrated with the green view outside, make the room feel fresh. In addition, nothing is more suitable for a high-ceilinged room than decorative hanging lamps. They are not only functional, but also attractive.

High and Bright
The French windows are perfect to enhance the lighting of the house. The whole room seems warm and bright for it’s surrounded beautifully by the sunlight. People cannot help but stop for a moment to enjoy the view.

The Bathroom
This bathroom is simple, but this is a quite different bathroom because it features a side window. The bathroom design is dominated with wood element, includes the wooden cabinets that show us a natural rustic style.

The Bedroom
Finally, we come to visit one of the bedrooms in this house. This one is designed in the same style with the rest of the house. The combination of taro color of the bed sheets, soft khaki curtains, and darker colored walls makes this narrow bedroom bright and comfortable.