20+ Window Designs That Will Impress People

If you are really tired of the appearance of your house and you don ‘t know what you want to change, try changing your window design. Remember that the window area should have the right dimension, also provide ventilation and natural lighting.

Without modifying these dimensions, by simply changing the window design, you can have an attractive new facade and give satisfaction in achieving the design and style you’ve always wanted. You can make these ideas become real and favorable.

1. The Colonial Style
The colonial style window of this house is done with a curved head and protective wooden grilles, it’s a specialty window.

2. Modern Style and Different Proportion
In this house, you will find a floor-to-ceiling glass window as well as a sliding glass door with metal frames, while other windows have long and narrow shape with concrete edges on all sides. This composition with two window shapes makes a modern façade design.

3. Corner Glass Window
This corner glass window is embedded in the thick wall, the design is highlighted by the outside planters that surround the façade. Very modern!

4. Half Glass, Half Blind
This one is an attractive window, half glass and half blind, with a rectangular shape in a good proportion. On this modern house façade, white color is used for the wooden shutters and the window frame.

5. Embedded in a Wall
The upholstery provides enough wall thickness for the window to look like it is embedded in it. The durability of the coating, which is immensely textured, makes a great contrast to this modern glass window with metal frames.

6. With Vertical Blinds
This façade receives a high amount of insolation so the window is designed with vertical blind system. This will block the sunlight and minimize its impact to the house.

7. In a Frame with Ledge
A thick wooden window frame painted in white with ledge decorates the entrance of this house on the side of the wall as a part of the pergola. The glass window has a blind with strong and textured bands to filter the incoming light.

8. Rectangle and Square
These modern façade windows are designed in rectangular and square shapes covered with glass. It uses the right proportion as the important element of the façade.

9. Sliding Window
With sliding windows, this façade opens out almost completely between the wall panels covered with stones.

10. With Wooden Muntin Bar
This rectangular window with wooden frame is divided in half. It’s a contemporary design in the decoration of this house façade with a base of stone walls and tiled roof.

11. Large Arched Windows
The large arched window with wooden frame and glass sheet swoops open at the hinges. The same design is applied to the door on the other side of the wall. Such a large entrance allows ventilation of natural light into the house.

12. With White and Simple Frame
In this textured stone façade, white framed windows with horizontal blinds give an add of simplicity to this modern house.


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