20+ Charming and Minimalist Wooden House

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One of the most preferred houses is wooden houses. The color and texture of a natural wood is a perfect expression of luxury and warmth as well as it makes a comfortable family dwelling. Japanese architects of Architect Show Co. have completed the design of a three-dimensional wooden houses with a sophisticated interior that catches the eye.

The Three-Dimensional Building Design
Each piece has a different height, and the horizontal area of this three-dimensional building has a dynamic exterior design. The natural wood that is used for the wood panels makes a luxurious wooden house. The building is framed in a dark grey color that accentuates the modern style and the uniform look of this house.

Modern Entrance Area
This is the entrance area to the house. Soft lighting at sunset creates a different atmosphere when it hits the grey walls. The walls of the entrance extend to the inside of the house and connect to the high wood panels ceiling. The entrance is intentionally designed so it’s not facing the street.

Entrance Area in the House
The interior is designed with large windows to a comfortable outdoor space. Once entering the front door, you can see the garden through the windows. Solid wood is used on a white wall, complementing the wooden flooring and sliding doors. A terrace with solid wood flooring will be the pleasant interior you expect to have.

Cozy Outdoor Area
This is a semi-open terrace where the family can spend fun and free time together. Neatly organized, with beige tile flooring and walls.

Practical Garden
After dark, the night will provide a different atmosphere, you can watch it from the couch in the living room through the glass wall. Sit back and watch each day goes, or how the garden changes following seasons.

Living Room
This living room uses wooden pieces for walls. The walls are connected to the second-floor. This room has a high ceiling that provides comfort, and the wooden beams are arranged vertically to create a great look.

Luxury Wood
The interior of the house is dominated by the natural wood color and texture. The proper lighting and the simple furniture choices give an add of warm and luxurious feelings to this wooden room. When using dark colored wood, install large windows to allow natural light to enter the room and to keep the mood relaxed.

Wooden Kitchen Interior
The kitchen area is still dominated with wood from the floor to the ceiling. The kitchen equipment is stored in the cupboard with sliding doors that can be disguised as a wall when it’s closed. The elongated wooden table doesn’t disturb the flow of the room, and it can be used as counters or a dining table.

The Pillar Wall
You will feel an ancient atmosphere when you climb up the stairs to the second floor, it’s like passing through wooden pillar wall. The pillar wall reduce the feeling of separation from the other room in the house.

The Corridor on the Second-Floor
This is the second-floor corridor that leads us to the bedrooms. You can see that the corridor is long and narrow, but the pillar wall allow us to get the view of the living room. Also, there are two large windows so we can enjoy the view outside. Both structures can create an airy feeling in this corridor.