30+ Minimalist Industrial Apartment

When you’re planning to reconstruct your house, you might want to first enrich your reference about the style and concept you want to apply. All those references should meet all requirements you and your family need, so that you’ll have your dream house.

As an additional reference, today we will review this project of an apartment in Berlin. Take a look at the details, and get inspired.

The Project
The project that focused on changing the interior style of this apartment in West Berlin was done by a young designer named Santiago Brotons. Before examining the inside of the apartment, here’s how the building looks from outside. The classic style and beautiful environment are two things that really represent the appearance of this residence. The identical look of the exterior provokes Santiago to slightly change the appearance of one of the apartment rooms in this building. The room has a total area of 320 square-meter. Some areas that received the most significant changes included five bedrooms, a work space, a modern kitchen, two bathrooms, and beautiful terrace on the upper floor.

Living Room
When you first enter the apartment, you’ll immediately feel the sense of comfort and peace for the using of white color and enough natural lighting from several windows in this room. Even though it’s mostly done in white, you can see the balance of its combination with brown color of the couch and the parquet flooring. Besides, the tropical elements in this room also felt through the placement of several potted plants in some corners the room.

Dining Room
Modern element is so intense in this dining area. As seen in the picture, the combination of white and brown is spiced up by the selection of black furniture in the form of chairs, dining tables, sculpture, painting frames, and bicycle. Another unique concept is also presented in the form of a brick wall as a sign of the industrial accent in this spacious room.

The kitchen is located not far from the living room. Still using an open-plan concept, this modern kitchen comes with a quite different accent from the other rooms. It still has the same floor accent, but the furniture was done in grey. The type of furniture that extends at both sides of the area is designed with a minimalist accent to emphasize its elegance. To beautify the area, some potted plants and black-and-white painting are used as decorations.

Minimalist style in this room is felt through the selection of only a few kinds of accents and furniture. This room only includes five furniture elements: bed flat form, a chair, and three cylinder tables. As for the ornament, there are a small vase and a painting by Isabella Trimmer as a sweetener.

You can feel the sensation of bathing under the sky in this bathroom, it’s realized by the installation of a wide window near the bathtub. The idea is quite smart because you can also save the electricity usage during the day. This bathroom is also equipped with a wooden sauna room with a glass partition.

By utilizing about 40 square-meter area , an outdoor relaxing space is created on the rooftop of the apartment. It was deliberately designed without a roof, and there are only sofas and potted plants as a decoration. The terrace has a parquet floor and fences made of glass that allows the owner to enjoy the view while relaxing on the sofa.

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