30+ The Most Impressive House Ever

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Renovation can be a particular challenge because the substance of the old house should be maintained as much as possible so that the building become more contemporary while the original character will not be separated from its comfort even after the renovation. It’s also important to emphasize Vorgefundenes and renovation with great sensitivity and restoration. There are interior designers in Aschaffenburg, Birgit Wirth Wals and Karsten, who succeeded in making the seed of a lively city by reconstructing and realizing the modern extension.

The View of Cultivation
Cultivation may not be recommended in a chic city life. A single façade with large windows and a balcony characterizes the view of this garden. Black window frames contrasts with the white façade and the stairs. This villa is spacious, and modern.

A Villa in Its Full Glory
Combining simple designs of modern cultivation is suitable and harmonious in this villa. The city itself has received a two-color design that carries original structures, ornaments, and characters for their best advantage. Even the smallest details, maintained facades, and the windows contribute to the lovely design of this villa.

Living Room
The interior still emphasizes the style of the villa without neglecting the modern comfort. In this living room, a beautiful plastering work is found on the ceiling or in the beige-colored designs that contrasts to the white ceiling for the best advantage. Besides the comfortable brown leather couch, there are two classic chairs that remind you of the old days. A large chandelier illuminates the room and creates a the depth feeling.

Modernity of this kitchen is felt through the ceiling which mostly shines in the room. The kitchen furniture is also meant for modern comfort. The kitchen island is equipped with an oven and extractor fan, this room is illuminated on all sides during the day.