20+ Beautiful Kitchen Designs with a Touch of Wood

Kitchen is not only designed for cooking and food preparation, but it can also be a beautiful place to gather with people you love. That’s how we want a functional kitchen that is also comfortable to live in.

This time, we are going to share with you how to spice up your kitchen with a touch of wood elements. Here are 8 wooden kitchens that can be your inspiration. Take a look at the pics!

1. Wood and Brick Combination
A wooden Kitchen doesn’t mean that all the furniture and walls are made of wood. In this example, the dining table is the only furniture that is entirely made of wood. The kitchen is made functional with various cabinets. The dining room and the kitchen is only separated by a partition which seems to have a window. The accent of grey bricks of the partition makes the area look sweeter. It’s simple but characterized.

2. Luminous
The calm wooden cabinets and the electric fireplace tower are installed perfectly in the middle of the room. This kitchen gets adequate lighting from the large eclectic windows.

3. Functional
In this modern kitchen, the working table and all the storages are placed near the stove so that the cooking activity can be more effective and convenient. This arrangement also makes the kitchen look bright, elegant, and very practical. The beautiful wood furniture with the black frame details generates a unique character of this kitchen.

4. Dark but Clean and Impressive
The perfect combination of wood and metal elements in this modern kitchen looks stunning. The proper lighting makes this area less dark and gloomy, while anything with metal always looks elegant. The hanging utensils not only can keep the kitchen neat but also make a unique decorations.

5. Accent Tiles
Applying accent tiles on the splashback areas can be your easy option to beautify the wood kitchen so that it doesn’t look boring or too simple.

6. A Touch of White Color
The white color of the table top and the hanging potted orchids blends perfectly with the wood material of this kitchen.

7. Enchanting Black
This apartment kitchen is designed perfectly to maximize the space. Who says that cleanness always be identified with white? With everything is well organized and the right selection of color elements, there’s no more messy kitchen in this apartment.

8. Open and Friendly
The combination of dark and medium colored wood of this kitchen table provides a strong accent. The color of the dining table matches sweetly with this style. The white dining chairs with wooden legs give the impression of a brighter look. Harmonization of this room is really fabulous!


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