20+ Functional Japanese House for Small Family

Getting married and building a happy family is everyone’s dream, and one of the important assets to support family life is owning a comfortable house. If you dream of having a small house with a playground for the children in the garden, this house is an example. With a typical Japanese design, the following house certainly has its own character and still inspirational. A comfortable house like this allows small families with children to enjoy spending more time at home. Let’s see!

Japanese House with Shades of Grey
This house is dominated by shades of gray. Just like other Japanese houses, the element that shouldn’t be missed is wood. A black fence encloses this minimalist house. Another important element in Japanese houses is green plant that can make the house feel in harmony with nature.

A Playground of Children’s Dream
Happiness is shown on the faces of the children of this family. The swing in the garden becomes their favorite place to go after school. The parents would have no worries letting the kids play at the playground.

Wooden Terrace for Outdoor Activities
In the front of the house, there is a dining table complete with benches, ideal for having BBQ. There’s another bench on the wooden terrace, and the wooden wall is decorated with step wall shelves that can also function for storage. Simple but full of function.

The Fresh Garden
A Japanese house seems incomplete without plants. The trees in this green garden are refreshing and pleasing to the eye. Besides beautifying the house, this quite spacious garden can be a perfect area to do a lot of fun outdoor activities.


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