30+ Apartment with Colorful Interior Design

The attraction of today’s project is mostly focused on the utilization of color. This aspect is specially treated and can connect elements between various rooms of the house. Instead of using bold and strong colors, the design uses the lovely pastel colors that give the impression of elegance, relaxing, and fun atmosphere. Let’s take a look at the work by the architect, Ferlazzo Natoli!

Natural wood which has a warm and inviting effect is mostly used in this kitchen. The distribution of modern elements also appears in This kitchen, such as a sophisticated oven that is integrated with the wall cabinets.

Living Room
In this living room, we can see the classic style and timeless elegance with modern elements. For example, the iconic object, Philippe Stark chairs that can be interpreted as Louis XV chairs which is both ironic and funny. Besides natural wood and grey sofa, the special colors of the chair give a different character to the room.

Masterpiece Doors
The richful colors are not only used on furniture but also on these original and attractive painted doors. This idea is absolutely out of the ordinary, very pretty!

Harmonious Colors
Further into the house, we can find other colors in a different character. A soft and elegant impression emerging from this room. The dining table here is less formal than the dining table in the other room.

The Fun Corner
From this picture we can get some interesting ideas, but most especially this fun reading corner. The fabric choice used on the couch and pillow is very inviting, while the Castiglioni lamp gives a feel of luxury. On the outside, there is a balcony with a small table for relaxing.


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