20+ Modern Minimalist House that Full of Surprises

Ever dreamed of owning a house in the middle of vast grass? This modern house, designed by the architect Barrio San Sebastian, is a proof that this dream can be realized.

With a modern and minimalist design, this house emphasizes the functionality and surprises in the interior. Let’s find out what the surprises are.

The Simple Facade
Does it look ordinary or even unattractive? Do not underestimate this simple design of the house because there will be many surprises in its interior. This white-dominated house has a wide and plain front yard, as wide and plain as the building architecture that is designed almost without window.

Terrace with Transparent Window
The wooden door looks standout in the landscape. There is a high transparent window to welcome guests on the front terrace. Three potted plants decorate this area beautifully, and the simple lighting makes it even sweeter.

Plants in the House
This is the real surprise! The plants are planted straight in the ground, and protected by a transparent glass box with direct sunlight from the sky. Unique, isn’t it? And when it rains, can you imagine what will happen in the glass box?

Comfortable Living Room
The living room is done with wooden flooring and decorated by white curtains that touch the floor. There are also sweet ball shape lights. A Grey sofa set also beautify the room. Watching television in this living room can be even more enjoyable for the view of the beautiful lawn beside the house.

White Study Room
Nothing is more fun than studying in a large area with amazing views! Sunlight is the best lighting source while studying, reading, or just hanging out with loved ones in this area. The light with wood element matches the cozy wooden floor. There is also a white bookcase that matches the white furniture in the room.

Glass Bathroom
Glass becomes the dominant material in this bathroom. The glass door, glass partition, and large glass window make this area feel spacious and airy. The white sink with beige table top blend nicely with the brown floor tiles.

A Bedroom beside the Pool
White nuance bedroom can make you sleep comfortably. When you open the white curtains, you will see the beautiful view outside and the swimming pool. It’s a dream bedroom!

Cool Kitchen and Dining Room
The kitchen and dining area are beautifully combined. There’s no need to worry in a hot day, there’s an air conditioner in the room that will refresh your dining time with your family.

The Swimming Pool behind the House
When the sun begins to set, it’s the right moment for a swim! Swimming is more fun with a view like this, right? The pool area can also be a great place to have BBQ with family or friends.

Exotic at Night
When the night has come, the yellow light makes the house look spectacular in its simplicity. The rays of yellow light also emitted from the terrace area and from the lights around the garden. Very beautiful


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