30+ Beautiful Facades with Vines and Climbers

Plants not only can make our dwelling beautiful, fresh, and natural, but it also provides a good air circulation. Besides placing potted plants to decorate your house, you can also add vines to the facade or the fence of your house to make it more beautiful. Are you interested to try? Let’s take a look at these ideas.

1. Vines on a Wooden Fence
We can feel the beauty and nature when we see the vines on the fence, especially this wooden fence. The vines really adds to the beauty of the garden and the pool area where the wooden fence is built. This natural touch is shady and make the air fresh.

2. Decorate the Facade
You can imagine that without vines or climbers, this house’s façade will look ordinary, nothing special. Now look at the appearance after being decorated by vines and climbers on the pergola roof and the pillars. It’s more beautiful, right? Vines and climbers is indeed special, not only can make the house fresh and green, but also create a stylish and beautiful look. You can choose Morning Glory that has a bright color, or Mandeville that is also charming and easy to grow in tropical climate.

3. A Welcoming Façade with Shady Tendrils
It would be fun if we are greeted by the green view like this one when we get home after a hard day at work. You can apply some decorative vines to the entrance area, it will make your façade look more beautiful, comfortable, and of course, pleasing to the eye.

4. Provide Shade and Beautify to a Sunny Patio
Vines or climbers really create terrific focal points when they grow over the façade or fence of the house. It can also be used to provide shade to a sunny patio and make your garden look more stunning. For reference, you can apply vines or climbers to decorate the wooden pillars in your terrace or patio. The result is an amazing and contrasting look with various flowers, it also makes a dramatic effect that complements the garden.

5. English Ivy
Previously, you’ve already seen the dangling vines, now this one is grown to decorate the walls of the house. The wall looks much more artistic and beautiful with the combination of vines and wooden trellis. The English ivy is also known to be able to help clean the air, it’s also perfect to decorate the house canopy.


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