30+ Tricks for Making a Room Look Wider

How do you make a small room look more spacious? If enlarging the room is not possible, you can try the following tricks. Remember that we can create any impression we want by using visual tricks.

1. The Strategic Niches
Besides using bright colors as a base, installing wall niches can also make the living room look attractive. These niches serve as shelves for ornaments and books. It has special shape that is more interesting than the usual modular shelves. The niches can be made of bricks plus mortar, or you can also make a custom wood shelves for it’s rather difficult to find this kind of shelves on the store.
2. The Stone Wall
A little finishing touches on the wall can also make a small room look spacious. A stone wall is added to this room so that it doesn’t seem empty. You can have it without having to break down the wall and build a new stone wall. Simply attach natural stone or stone-textured tiles on the wall.
3. Symmetrical
Arranging furniture symmetrically creates a remarkable effect. All the elements are put in the middle of the room with a gable meeting as the center. The balance between the right and the left side is reassuring and fun.
4. Linear
Here, the couch is placed in line with the window. This visual trick can make the room looks wider by placing the large objects in the same direction. This typical Nordic interior with the color which is not too dark nor too bright creates a spacious effect.
5. Parallel
Integrating two or three area in one room can make the house feel airy. If you want to make it look even wider, you can use this visual trick. Arrange the furniture, either large or small, in the same line. In this example, the sofa, a decorative table, and a set of dining furniture are arranged lengthwise following the direction of the sunlight entering from the window. The custom TV table is made extended along the wall, so is the modular rack above it. This trick is suitable for long and narrow spaces.
6. Monochrome
There’s no denying of the neutrality of white color. Not only it can blend perfectly with any color, white color can also make the room seem more spacious. In order to not make it look pale, you can add decorative plants and black-and-white paintings.
7. Bright Colored Accessories
Small and colorful accessories can change the atmosphere of the room. The bold colors such as Red, purple, and metallic color can repel boredom. This Arabic decoration give an energetic eclectic touch to the room.
8. Pastel Colored Furniture
The color of the furniture can also determine the impression of a wider room. Pastel colored furniture provides a brightening effect. To create harmony, the other decorative elements should also be in pastel colors.


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