30+ Simple House Design for Your Inspiration

A simple or minimalist style becomes a house design that is most easily found these days. Even in a new housing development, almost all of the design and layout of the house is simple and not overdone. Therefore, this time we are going to share with you some fresh inspirations for those of you who like the design and shape of a simple house.

1. The Sloping Roof House
This all-white house silhouette seems to have no roof because of the sloping roof shape. The windows were not many, the house is more dominated by all-white walls area that become the form of simplicity from this modern house.
2. Box House
Even Though it doesn’t meet the characteristics of a minimalist house, this two-storey house design could be an option if you want a design without too many ornaments or detailing.
3. The Small Retro Minimalist House
The box shape with glass windows that are exposing the large room in the house is the main characteristic of this simple white house. The large glass windows that shows the interior of the house represents the open impression of a retro style.
4. Minimalist Hacienda-inspired House
This house is adopting the simplicity of Hacienda style houses, with a lot of windows and the selection of neutral colors.
5. Simple House with Wood Accent
This house’s facade is decorated with a wood wall panels as a substitute for the absence of the window. There’s only one main door to enter the house, it’s a form of simplicity in this minimalist house.
6. Minimalist European-style House
This house style reminds us of Scandinavian-style houses in northern Europe, with touches of windows and chimneys on the roof. The simplicity of this house is characterized by the bright colors selection for the facade.
7. Simple and Private
This house doesn’t show much of its façade, it’s enclosed by privacy fence instead. It can be an alternative to simplicity that prioritizes privacy and security.
8. Simple Decoration
This house has a unique shape that maintains its simplicity for the area of the house that is not that spacious. However, it still seems unique for the selection of the fence and the wall coatings that are uncommon.
9. Tiny House
This house design seems simple because the size is relatively small, but it’s still comfortable because of the neatness of its layout.
10. The Cluster House
Cluster houses are kind of simple and affordable dwellings. In this picture, the house is small in size, but the design is still attractive.


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