20+ Small Garden Ideas

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Not only the interior, the exterior of the house should also be considered. Having a neatly arranged garden, for example, will make the house more beautiful. It can also be the place to express your gardening hobby.

There are various styles of gardens you can apply. The styles that we present this time use many elements of shrubs and flowers, also the types of plants that do not require much water.

1. Terraced Garden
Terraced garden design is suitable for the house on the hillside. The rectangular stones serve as retaining walls, to prevent erosion. The colorful flowers will refresh the eyes every time we walk on the pathway beside the garden.
2. Lotus Water Garden
You can present a Mediterranean garden in the form of a water garden. This fish pond with colorful lotus is soothing to the eye. The vines and water plants around it make the atmosphere seem shady. You can enjoy the view while sitting beside the pond.
3. 3-in-1 Pot
You can also beautify your garden by planting three different types of plants in one pot. At least one of them should be a flowering plant, so that it will look sweet when placed in the corner of the garden.
4. Grass Garden
The use of stones as decorative elements gives a distinctive feature. The grass garden looks united with the terrace floor because they have the same level. There’s also a terraced garden with pebbles covering the ground.
5. Dry Garden
Thick leaf plants, such as cactus or succulent, can be a great choice for your garden. Especially for you who live in Mediterranean countries. You can save water for this type of plant doesn’t need to be watered every day.
6. This is Also a Garden
This one is an alternative if you have a garden with compacted soil. You can cover the ground with various colors and shapes of pebbles or gravels to beautify the barren soil. The small three in the corner becomes the center of interest of this design.
7. Mediterranean Fence
One characteristic of Mediterranean gardens is the brick wall fence as an ornamental element. This fence looks like an unfinished construction, complete with windows and roof tiles. The length of the fence is adjusted to the garden area.
8. Beautiful Bushes
Bushes or shrubs are low-maintenance plants, it’s suitable for those of you who don’t have much time for gardening. However, the right composition is required to make this garden look beautiful.
9. Minimalist Garden
This one is an example of a garden design that emphasizes other elements than plants or grass floor. There are garden table and chair set, light, and small fountains with several potted plants. The stone flooring and patterned walls in this minimalist garden are the features of Mediterranean style house.
10. Narrow field? Not a Problem
In a small field like this one, shrubs should be planted in the corners; while plants that cannot grow large can be planted in the middle area. The composition of color balance should also be considered. In this small garden, for example, there’s a light green plants that make the garden look less gloomy.
11. Simple Garden for Busy People
This gardens includes a wall fence, pebbles, brick floor, and colorful plants. Instead of plants, the pebbles and bricks are dominant here. This small garden is suitable for narrow field. It’s the right choice for those of you who don’t have much time to care for plants.
12. Prioritize Privacy
Shrubs can also be used as a natural fence to block the view from the prying eyes so that you can comfortably relax in the backyard. Choose flower plants you most like so that you’ll be more comfortable sitting in the garden for a long time.