20+ Best Facade Designs of 2018 with Different Materials

The facade that we know as the face or front of a house, becomes the main part that will give the first impression of your dwelling. The facade is also the main character that can make a house look stunning with proper and functional design.

Today we are going to show you 6 facade designs of 2018 that used different materials. Take a look and get inspired.

1. Concrete
Exposed concrete can be a choice for your house façade. This material is quite popular and it’s suitable for those of you who want a more decorative façade look. Concrete has a solid and cold impression, but you can combine them with wood element just like this example to make the appearance of the house warmer, stylish, and special.
2. Granite
Besides cement and concrete, for a stunning facade look, you can add granite material. There are various patterns you can choose. Granite material can give the impression of luxury to the facade of your house.
3. Wood
To make the look more interesting, you can add a touch of wood to your house facade. The texture, motif, and color make the natural wood becomes a favorite material for a façade design. Wood material can make your house look natural, beautiful, and warm. The design and concept can be adjusted to your house style. So don’t hesitate to use wood material for your facade design. It’s guaranteed that you can add beauty to your house.
4. Natural Stone
If you’re still not sure to choose the material for your house façade, consider to apply natural stone. This material has a variety of types, ranging from the shapes, colors, and textures that can be adapted to the style of your house. This Country Farmhouse, for example, still brings up the tropical concept. The natural stone material looks stunning with a combination of white walls and dark colored window frames.
5. Glass
A façade design with large windows gives the impression of elegance, it’s suitable for a minimalist houses. Glass element can provide a clean and spectacular feeling. Not only that, glass material will allow a large amount of sunlight to enter the house and make the inside of the house look brighter. For more privacy, you can also apply curtains.
6. Brick
Its appearance that is simple and natural makes brick element always succeed to display an eternal beauty. Exposed brick that emphasizes the impression of warmth and beauty will look harmonious when it’s combined with wood material, decorative pillars, stones, and plants. As for the price, brick material is fairly affordable. Bricks can make your facade look elegant and classy. This material is very suitable to be applied to houses in a tropical country.


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