30+ Interior Design Ideas You Probably Haven’t Seen Before

It takes special skills to design the house interior, and of course a good taste. The skill can be achieved after going through various experiences and thinking about creative things.

No wonder, so many people tried to decorate their own houses and eventually surrendered because this duty of an interior designer is not an easy thing. Today, we share 6 interior design ideas that can be your inspiration.

1. Innovative Approach
Is there an empty space under the stairs? Yes, it might be little tricky but an interior designer always knows how to make it not empty, even beneficial. In this example, the designer added a thin television shelf, and turn the area near the stairs into a family room.
2. High Aesthetics
This room is arranged so beautifully with a great aesthetic. The wall is decorated with a minimalist and artsy tiered rack, and the white shelves also functions as a room divider. You can also find a lounge area with the stunning views from the large glass window. This room is dominated by white and black; monochrome never fails to bring a beautiful and modern atmosphere.
3. Long Room Design
For a long room like this, it is recommended to use the furniture that is integrated with one another. A minimalist style like this would be great. The sofa, TV table, and bookshelf are made of lightweight wood material, painted in white. The wooden flooring can help to make the room look airy and not cramped.
4. Not Gaps
Are you surprised to see this? This one is an innovative kitchen idea from an interior studio in Italy. There’s no gap between the cabinet that touch the ceiling. If you have a small kitchen, this furniture wouldn’t make it look cramped. Another thing is, this cabinet is mounted to the wall so it saves even more space. Cool, right?
5. Cabinets as a Partition
When you decorating a small apartment, you want to make the most of the limited space and place a furniture as efficiently as possible. This is often considered a lot of homework, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. For example, try functioning a cabinet as a partition like shown in this picture. You can install LED lights on the ceiling so that the distribution of light remains good in the room.
6. Another Partition Idea
Partition has always been an important part when talking about spacious room. This example show you how to divide the space into a kitchen, living room, and dining room. The transparent glass partition provides an insulation but doesn’t make the room look cramped. The light is also unobstructed, perfect!


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