20+ Stylish Small Entrance Ideas

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Entrance area is a part of the house that often neglected. Usually, you just walk pass through it casually and go straight to another room of house. However, that’s not entirely true. There’s a price to pay to give a first impression as someone passes through the entrance of a house.

If you want to welcome your guests, you need to pay attention to this area. The entrance area could be an interesting element of the house, even if you only have a limited space. Here are 6 small entrance designs that can be your inspiration. Take a look.

1. Coat Rack
Choose a type of wall-sized coat rack like shown in the picture to make the most of a small entrance area. This coat rack has a cheerful look that it’s suitable for the whole family, even for the children to be able to hang their coats themselves.
2. Retro
Dark colors can make your rooms look gloomy and smaller than its actual size, so it’s usually not recommended in a limited space. However, sometimes you can also get the opposite impression, like in this picture. The dark colors here seem fade on some borders, it makes this small entrance area flow into the next room.
3. Minimalist Style
Applying white color and minimalist style to the entrance area is also a great idea, especially when the area is small. White color may look solid and neat with minimalist furniture, it makes a really stylish entrance area of a house.
4. Custom Shelves as a Partition
If your entrance area is integrated to the living room that you couldn’t install a door, you can separate these area by placing a shelves. This makes the entrance area not immediately visible to the living room, and at the same time you get an extra storage space.
5. Cabinet
Maybe you don’t have enough space to place a closet, of course, not in the small entrance area. Therefore, create a special place where you can store your shoes neatly, a large space to hang the coats, and another space for your accessories like this one. Not only it makes a unique wall decoration, you also have a beautiful and neat entrance area.
6. Industrial Style
For a real wow effect in the entrance area, use industrial style that looks great and it’s also very easy to apply. There is no complicated or fussy formula for this style. You just need a lot of concrete material, proper lighting, and designer chairs to make the area look nice and perfect.