Trendy Wallpaper Designs To Create Different Moods In The House 50
Trendy Wallpaper Designs To Create Different Moods In The House 50

20+ Trendy Wallpaper Designs to Create Different Moods in the House

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Wall is an area that will not escape the eye. To make the wall look more stunning, install wallpapers that can improve your mood. There are several of unique and trendy wallpaper designs you can choose to make your house more colorful and cheerful. Here are 12 inspiring trendy wallpaper designs to create a new mood.

Bold Red
The combination of red and white wallpaper in this bedroom is really fresh. Matched with the color selection of carpets, bedding, and curtains, make this room look fascinating. This look can make your body fresh and spirited every time you wake up in the morning.

Polka-dot print is always timeless. Circles of different colors and sizes are scattered on the wall, give the feel of playful that is not boring. Your mood will always be cheerful with this polka-dot wallpaper.

Wood Motif
Try applying wood motif wallpaper on one side of your living room walls. The result will make your mood calm and relaxed. Add wooden furniture to support the feeling of soothing and close with nature.

Striped Wallpaper
Another motif that is universal and timeless is stripes. Horizontal stripes will make the room feel wider. While the motif of vertical lines will make the room seem higher. Choose your favorite colors of striped wallpaper to create a new mood in your room.

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