This Family House Has The Best Luxury 45
This Family House Has The Best Luxury 45

30+ This Family House Has the Best Luxury

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We all deserve a second chance, right? This is how the professionals of DMeasure believe that projects with limited investments can necessarily be successful.

In this project, the original building should be renovated and modernized without spoiling the strong identity or the beauty of the building material that has already been formed. The basic balance is maintained, but the interior designers must give a different touch and outstanding results!
Let’s take a look for more details of this house located in Tuscany!

This spacious room includes a bedroom and work space on different sides. The development of this room design provides its own value for a magnificent bedroom. That’s why the bed is placed in the center of the room to provide maximum space and provide both functionality and fun.
A Legacy Preserved
Looking at the facade of this house that includes two buildings, people might believe that this house has a common design. However, this modern comfort fully meets the standards and is designed with great taste and talent of the interior designers.
The Old Stone and Swimming Pool
Nothing is more interesting from this Italian style house than the large swimming pool, complete with several lounge chairs. We can also get a better look of the shape and layout of the building from here. The terrace is covered by Roman tiles that offers a special space to enjoy the beautiful surrounding scenery.
Ancient and Modern
With this small staircase, we can see modernity that is integrated with old stones than give a rustic touch to the interior. The atmosphere is warm and friendly. To honor the ancestors, several tools and accessories are used to decorate the wall and some corners of this large house.
Luxury Cuisine
How is this luxurious modern kitchen with stone arch? The combination of ancient and modern here creates a perfect harmony. The rustic style room is filled with a new sheen that makes it look like a medieval party room. The combination of chrome steel and the reflection of natural stone shades successfully bring the impression of elegance to another level. Awesome!
Kids’ Bedroom
This kids’ bedroom still has the characteristic of the house. It can be seen from the roof framing that looks beautiful with the incoming light. The selection of bunk beds has always been a popular choice for children so that the room becomes more widespread and they can be free to play, of course comfort and neatness are taking into account.

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