Ways To Make Your House Look Expensive 37
Ways To Make Your House Look Expensive 37

30+ Ways to Make Your House Look Expensive

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Are you planning to sell your house? If so, it seems difficult to successfully sell an old house and get a high rate.

However, there’s always the possibility you can turn your house into a more modern and comfortable dwelling, even look expensive. Let’s take a look at these 10 ideas to organize your house to make it more beautiful and luxurious.

1. Add Extra Chairs
If your house has a terrace or garden, place additional seats in those area. The additional seats will make your property more attractive and unique. Here, you provide a place to relax and enjoy nature outside the house, means you’re also selling experience. Remember to choose tables and chairs that match the style of your house.
2. The Multi-Dimensional Room with Mirror
Adding a large mirror makes the room feel more spacious and give depth to the room. The house may look wider than the actual size. People sure will be interested in buying your house if they find your house spacious and roomy.
3. Replace the Old Decoration with the New One
When you sell a house with a lot of furniture, the house often fails to meet buyers’ expectations. The building that looks worn and dull usually ends up with the lowest price. You should try to make your house look livelier even with limited costs in order to achieve the best selling price.
4. Additional Bedroom
Extra bedroom will add to the value of your house. having extra space to sleep may not be too important, but remember that your prospective buyers could have a big family and require more bedrooms in the house. Check out the corner of your house and see if it can be rebuilt into a new bedroom.
5. New Colors in the Entrance Area
The first impression is very important, your house certainly will not be attractive if it looks old and dirty. Try painting the front walls of the house with a new color. This will give the impression of a new house. If you don’t have enough time to change the color, just make sure you get your walls clean and free from stains.
6. The New Lamp Switches
Light switch is a small part that often goes unnoticed, but it can indicate the age of the house. Therefore, replace the switches with the new so that every room in the house seems as new.
7. Replace the Window Frame
The window frames are often overlooked. When you’re selling your house, you have to make sure everything is in a good condition, including the window frames. Replace them with the new one if necessary, or clean thoroughly if it’s dirty.
8. Replace the Door and Cabinet Knobs
Knob is an object that gets touched and used every day, it might be damaged or in an unfit condition after being used for a long while. Replace the door and cabinet knobs to make them look new.
9. Apply Cornice or List on the Ceiling Line
Installing cornice or list is a good idea if you want to show off a more unique house style. Remember that the cornice should match the design and of course the size of the ceiling of your house.
10. Rearrange the Cabinets in the House
Remember all storage closet or cabinets in the house, whether in the hallway, in the basement, or on the terrace. Arrange these shelves and cabinets as neatly as possible so that your house will look clean and well organized.

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