30+ Amazing Bedroom Designs with Bathroom

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We always want bathrooms that provide maximum comfort and aesthetics, also some privacy and relaxing ambiance. Today, we feature 7 beautiful bedrooms which each includes a bathroom, they all have whatever required to get the highest recognition.

Spacious and Accurate
This bedroom looks like a mini apartment, it combines a relaxation area with a sleeping area, complete with stunning furniture. The selection of the furniture and living equipment contributes to a complete and friendly environment. The room is done in white walls with a contrasting wooden floor, and decorated beautifully with LED lights and luxurious fabrics.

Rustic and Romantic
This rustic bedroom is located on the wooden corner, the wood element here stretches from one side of the walls to the floor. The interior design combines a romantic feeling of the bedroom with modernity of the bathroom furniture.

Wood and White
Just like before, this bedroom has wooden floor and wall but this one is much dominated with white color. To separate the rest area from the bathroom area, there are partition panels that guarantees privacy for both areas – what a perfect compromise!

Lively and Bright
To determine – also separate – two functional areas, you can add a touch of wood element to the floor and the white walls. The color spreads evenly from the bedroom area to the bathroom, it creates a bright room that feels so lively.