30+ Tips on Organizing Kitchen with Small Dimension

Having limited space will push us to think and be creatively. Enough complaining about such tiny dwellings, we should be able to make the most of what we have. A kitchenette is probably not the kitchen of your dream. However, there are some efforts that we can do to make it more functional and comfortable. The goal is to be able to do our activities without having unnecessary trouble, keep the mood bright, and always be able to cook nutritious and tasty dishes. Here are the tips for your narrow kitchens.

Exhaust Hood
Certain dishes will cause smoke when cooked that can spread into the house. To prevent this from happening, install an exhaust hood above the stove.

Small Kitchen Sink
To save space, some kitchen equipment need to be made smaller than the standard size. Even in its small size, this sink is still functioning properly. You can use the space on the left and right of the sink as kitchen counters.

Additional Kitchen Counter
Multifunctional furniture is an important element for all types of narrow room, especially the kitchen. This “transformer” kitchen table is come in handy. Pull the compact drawer out of the counter and you will get an extended counter. It’s a great space-saving solution.

Provide A Lot of Storage
Drawers, cabinets, and shelves should be available in the kitchen, especially the small kitchen. Keep your kitchen stuff in closed storage so that the kitchen is neat, organized, and comfortable. Just be smart when choosing the type and size of the storage furniture, you don’t want your narrow kitchen looks crowded and cramped.

Carl L. Miller

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