20+ Furniture You Should Not Place in Your Narrow House

1 min read

We are free to do anything to our houses, including filling it with various furniture. However, some furniture is not suitable to be placed in a cramped house.

The wrong choice of furniture can make a narrow house become more cramped and uncomfortable to live in. To avoid this condition, immediately get rid of less important furniture from the house. Here are some examples of furniture you might want to remove or rearrange.

1. Armchair
One medium-size couch alone is enough for your living room. If you insist on having an addition armchair, select the motif and color that are similar to the couch.

2. Coffee Table in the Middle of the Room
Coffee tables are indeed beautiful, but they might take a lot of space in the narrow living room. Use a corner table instead, or simply move the coffee table to the side of the room to make the room feel more spacious.

3. Four-Poster Bed
For some people, four-poster bed with canopy curtains invite a romantic atmosphere. However, a narrow bedroom will become more cramped with a four-poster bed in it.

4. Floor Lamp
A floor lamp actually can have a big effect on the room interior, but this type of lamp will take more space in the room compared to spotlights.

5. Table in the Entrance Area of the House
Even a small house can have an attractive entrance area if we carefully arrange it. Do not put any table in this area because it will make the house entrance so slender. Instead, place a mirror or hanging plants to decorate this area.

6. Furniture on the Corner of the Room
Avoid placing furniture on the corner of the room as necessary for it will make the room look narrower than it really is.

7. Big Couch
A big couch surely can load more people, but your living room will be cramped.

8. Mini Bar
It’s not that you can’t have your own spot to enjoy a drink, but this element is not suitable for narrow houses. Instead, you can place a mini fridge as a minimalist and compact mini bar.

9. Pendant Lamps with Complex Details
For houses with limited area, you need to keep the furniture minimalist but functional. Choose a chandelier with a simple design instead of pendant lamps that may look crowded.

10. Too Much Details on the Walls
White can indeed make the room seem wider. White walls can be decorated in a rustic style by adding ceramic pieces in the form of white bricks, or simply apply wallpapers. Whatever decorative elements you choose, make sure to use only one element for one room so it’s not get too crowded.