30+ Secrets to Creating Minimalist Living Room

2 min read

Sometimes, we want to have a minimalist house but getting too carried away with unlimited decorative ideas and end up having a crowded dwelling instead. Basically, minimalist designs always focus on using essential elements and minimizing decorative ornaments.

It sounds easy but actually tricky to execute. Therefore, today we are going to share some keys and essential elements in designing a beautiful minimalist living room.

1. Minimalist yet Comfortable Couch
The most important element in the living room, of course, is a couch. Your living room design will never go wrong with a simple and comfortable couch. The simplicity of a couch can be seen in several aspects including the material, motif, and the shape. In this example, the outer material chosen is uniform in color and not patterned. Its simple form doesn’t make it boring because of the texture and its pretty shape. It’s a perfect choice for a minimalist room.

2. Geometric Print Carpets
Looking for a room for your personal expression? One option to consider is the carpet print. We often think that a carpet is not an essential element in the living room. From now on, let‘s put that thinking aside.
A carpet may just look like a piece of cloth on the floor, but it can perfectly bring up a definition of a living room. Adding a colorful geometric print to your living room will emphasize the minimalism of this room.

3. Simple and Minimal Background
In addition to furniture and flooring elements, walls is also essential in the design. We recommend you keep the background wall of your living room as simple as possible, particularly in terms of materials. One example you can follow is this work by Teak and Teak which uses only wood element on the background. It’s pretty minimalist!

4. Hall of Frame
Do you love travelling or have a hobby in photography and want to show off the pictures you’ve taken in the living room? You can make a little space on the wall for this. Make sure you use the same style of frame for all your pictures. A little decoration will not ruin your minimalist design.

5. TV Wall
Stop adding too may objects to the wall and look at this perfect example of minimalism in the living room. This minimalist TV wall is simply decorated with two or three other objects.

6. The Combination of Wall and Shelving
If you need to have more storage in your house, installing a number of shelves is your option. Make sure you keep wide enough space for your TV so it doesn’t seem that your living room is totally surrounded by shelves.

7. Minimalist Wall Rack
Having a spare wall and want to do more? We encourage you to add a rack with minimalist design. Check out this work by Inerre Interior, the rack is designed with only metal frame and glass. A very simple and smart design of a minimalist rack.

8. Contrasting Prints on the Wall
If you don’t have much space in your living room but want something unusual, you can consider adding print to the walls. A contrasting element to the other minimalist elements certainly is something interesting.

9. The Accessories
Although minimalist concept strongly emphasizes simplicity, adding any contrasting element is not completely contradictory to the principle of minimalism as long as the contrast is concentrated only on one or two specific elements in the room. This example by Tata Griya Nusantara uses contrasting color for the furniture. Pretty, isn’t it?

10. Minimal Furnishing
In a narrow and limited space, we can always redefine minimalism. Obviously, it’s not just a matter of choosing the material, colors, and decorations; the furnishing should always be kept to a bare minimum. You can get enough with only a couch, carpet, two small tables, and a few pillows on the carpet to have a minimalist living room.