20+ Home Furniture Care Tips for 7 Different Materials

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The utilization of home furniture cannot be ignored, especially to beautify the house. It’s hard to imagine an empty room without any furniture. However, selecting a suitable furniture for different room in your house is just half of the task, you should also know how to take care of the furniture. Here are some helpful care tips for your furniture based on the materials.

Natural Wood Furniture
Wood material is widely used because of its simplicity and its light weight compared to stone. There are two types of wood that are commonly used for furniture: solid wood and plywood. Both are suitable for natural impression. However, furniture that are made of logs can be deformed even rot if exposed to water because of their nature, while plywood can crack or bulge. To prevent this, use a protective wood coating and rub the surface with oil.

Stone Material: Traditional and Luxurious
Stone material has been used for home furniture just like wood. These days, you can easily find a cooking table or desk with marble. You need to know the difference between artificial and natural marble. The artificial marble is a product made by mixing acrylic resin, so that they should be kept away from fire or hot objects so it doesn’t burn. On the other hand, natural marble can easily be broken or scratched if a sharp object falls into it.

The Charm of Transparent Material
Glass materials are often used to create a luxurious atmosphere. Not only that, a room with transparent and translucent elements along with furniture that has a touch of glass can also give a light impression. As for the treatment, a glass material needs an extra treatment so it will not scratch or shatter. Use a soft cloth to clean it and buff lightly, be extra careful cause this material is fragile.

The Fabric that Creates a Cheerful Atmosphere
Home accessories that are made of fabric are very simple to care, just like taking care of usual clothing. When vacuuming the curtains, consider the material of the blinds and don’t forget to clean sweep the dust frequently. Accessories such as sofa upholstery and cushions can be cleaned with a washing machine at home. Be careful with white curtains, you don’t want to have some spots on them. Always consider to read the product care manual to make sure you taking care of them properly.

Metal Furniture
Metal furniture is often rust, so scratches need to be addressed before it gets in touch with water. If the edges and the hook are too sharp, you should have it bend or cut as necessary so that it won’t cause scratches. Always wipe the surface with a dry towel and lubricate specific part such as the hinge frequently.

Handmade Leather Material
Leather upholstered furniture we meant here is made of animal skin. Genuine still remains popular even though the production is considered negative so now there are artificial leather materials as a substitute. Genuine leather is believed to be more durable and has a softer texture. To take care of leather furniture, you need to periodically clean it with soap and polish it.

Durability and Flexibility of Plastic
Plastic material cannot be denied as part of our lives. Plastic furniture, generally, are much more affordable. Plastic products are now have better durability, colorful and have a high aesthetic value. However, no matter how good the plastic material of the furniture you own, you need to be careful with hot air and fire. Keep it away from other objects that can scratch its surface and from direct sunlight to prevent discoloration.