30+ House Full of Amazing Ideas Ever

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Today we will show you a very interesting project by ARCHIFACTURING that full of ideas you may want to imitate. This casual housing is made unique with many original details and high quality materials.

Industrial style characterizes the house interior, uses simple yet attractive decoration. If you are looking for some ideas for your kitchen or dining room, or want to create a unique area that will make your friends jealous, then this one is for you.

Quality in Detail
This one is a cool room with a cool combination of some elements such as the iron and glass sliding door. There are some people who still master the art of welding but it’s not easy to find a good worker, this door is a small handmade project with a great value in it. The door leads us to a library that still fits the door style — the book shelves are made of iron and wood panels.

A Beautiful Place to Stay
When we open the other door, we will find ourselves in a bright and cozy living room. This area is not large but very well organized. There is a piano on the corner of the room that creates a great visual, even dominating the room. As for the rest, bright colors are used to increase the radiance of a room which focuses on simplicity but with great elegance.

Dining Room
This dining room doesn’t use as much color, just a hint of color but enough to give a lively touch. This room has an industrial style, with a black wall, iron lamps, and vintage chairs in different colors. Pay attention to the original detail on the wall, the shape is designed with luminous light, so beautiful!

The Perfect Balance
Even though this room is dominated by industrial style, the pastel color on the walls and striped pillows provide a relaxing ambience. The room details are so beautiful with small decorative items.

Special Room
This is the whole look of the dining area. The design is done in a truly integrated way, all the materials, colors, and layout are designed to create a different atmosphere. Take a look at the book shelf that mounted to the wall. So special.

The Bedroom
There’s a change of atmosphere when we enter the bedroom. The ceiling gives a soft and romantic feel.

Opposite to the bedroom there is a chalkboard wall, a very good idea to make a fun area that are also useful. This wall is well managed with the perfect combination of chairs, a cabinet, and a lamp. Check out that Castiglioni light, what a valuable design!