30+ Living Room Design Inspirations

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A living room is a room in a house for relaxing and socializing, that’s why this space should be able to provide comfort to us. There are several things you might want to consider when it comes to designing a living room.

1. The color; use neutral color as the base color to give the impression of broad, then choose bright colors for furniture and accessories such as vases, curtains, and cushions that will provide freshness in the room.
2. Furniture selection; adjust the size of furniture to the size of the room. For beautiful results, choose furniture with specified theme.
3. Lightings; provide bright lightings to give a broad and loose impression. If you like the light to transfer evenly, use the down light type. If you want to be able to lower the brightness of the light, use a dimmer for alternative.
4. Furniture placement; arrange the furniture in a way that they will not interfere with the flow of your activity in this room.

The thing is, don’t be afraid to express your feeling and creativity when designing the living room. Here we share 11 living room designs to get you more inspired. Take a look.

1. Soft and Warm Color
The neutral colors of white and grey, combined with a hint of brown and teal make a soft and warm living room. The wooden drawers that is designed with cushions on its surface give more space to sit as well as storage place so the room looks neat.
2. Relax while Enjoying the Movie
This lazy chair is so attractive. It’s perfect for you who like to stay at home, enjoying movie with your family.
3. Grey and Purple Combination
This living room looks very charming with grey walls, matching carpets, and some purple details.
4. Colorful and Cheerful
Installing curtains with colorful floral print makes this living room with the dominant color of ash look cheerful.
5. Bright Red
If you love red but not dare to use it as a dominant color, you can just use it for the details in the room such as curtains, cushions, and other accessories. The red color can enhance the appearance of other dominant colors.
6. Soothing Blue
The color chosen for the interior determines the atmosphere of the room. The blue color in this white dominant living room can make you feel calm and relax spending time here with your family.
7. Modern without Insulation
A room without insulation is very beneficial not only because it makes the room seem spacious, but also it allows us to redesign as we get bored or when we’re having a family gathering and need more space.
8. Music Corner
The following design is suitable for you who want to build your children’s confidence to perform their musical skill in front of people.
9. Kid-Friendly Room
If you want your living room to be more kid-friendly, replace your common accessories with children toys. Don’t forget to place colorful sofas so you can keep being comfortable spending time with your kids.
10. Modern Classic
Chairs with high backrests give a classic impression to this modern living room.
11. Fresh with Teal Color
If you are interested in adding teal color to your living room, you can follow this design. This color will create a cool and relaxing ambiance.