20+ Awesome Scandinavian Christmas Decor Ideas

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Scandinavian Christmas Style, always serene and often understated, can bring timeless elegance to your home during Christmas time. It is particularly true when it is lit by candlelight and filled with sweetly scented flowers and simple red and white decorations.

If you decide to decorate your home in this simple style for Christmas, you should know that it would instantly bring lots of light and warmth into the home, which is so much needed at a time in the year when days become too short and summer days seem to be too far away.

In northern countries people often put candles in windows to give their homes magical and uplifting sight. They also decorate upper windows with stars and tie a braided corn to the front door.

Handmade Christmas decorations, such as bowls of deliciously scented hyacinths and striking amaryllis, would appear all over the home in Scandinavia. Many families would have old sets of Christmas table linen that have been handed down through the generations. They also would change their normal curtains to the Christmassy red and white ones.

Northern style handmade Christmas decorations can be easily made at home. All that you need is a pair of scissors and glue to assemble simple garlands of nuts, cut-out paper stars and snowflakes or clothespeg fairies and Santa Clauses.

In Scandinavia, Christmas trees are often hung with gingerbread stars, angels, and hearts. Almost every household would have a uniquely decorated gingerbread house on display.

If you decide to set your table in the Northern Christmas style, you will need a plain white tablecloth with an added red runner decorated with holly leaves and simple stars. In addition you will need a set of good quality white china and some plain glassware. Candles would be another essential element of the table decorations. The plainer the candles the better.

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