30+ Wonderful Diy Christmas Crafts Ideas

1 min read

There are two days left until Christmas, can you believe it? In July we started a countdown to Christmas and that was over one hundred and fifty days. Time can really fly by fast. Especially tonight, tomorrow is Christmas Eve and some of you may not have any gifts yet. Well once again, we are here to save you!

Here are some free Christmas craft ideas we would love to share with you. Last minute Christmas gifts are included.

For the last minute Christmas craft you can make a really nice platter to serve your guests. We know you have many nice plates, but you’re using them all for your company, so now you can create another one. All you need are two glass plates, a candlestick holder and some heavy duty glue. You can get these glass plates cheap from any store; you may want to try the dollar store or dollar general. Once this craft is done, you will love it. All you need to do is take one plate face-up, the way it normally sits.

Then you glue the candlestick holder in the middle of the plate and let that dry for a few hours. Once it’s dry you then glue the other plate on top of the other end of the candlestick holder. Again, face-up like a normal plate. Let that dry overnight. Be sure you clean it so when you serve your guests there is no residue. Fill it with any snacks or treats you wish and there you go, a brand new platter! This is a great free Christmas craft idea. You can also use plastic plates and candlestick holders if you want to add more color and style.