30+ Stunning Christmas Dining Table Decoration Ideas

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year where we get together with friends and family and bask in the closeness, the togetherness, and the love we have for one another. One of the most iconic symbols of this time together, is having everyone gather together around a big dining room table, to share a rich feast of tasty delights as a celebration of the festive occasion.

Decorating that table is a special act, its setting the stage, creating the ambiance and backdrop against which the celebration will occur. You need to try and find a balance between form and function here. You don’t want to overload the table with a wealth of frivolous decoratives making it unusable, but you don’t want to leave it bare and unadorned either.

Color is also going to be important here. You want to use festive colors, reds, greens, and gold’s, to try and set a mood which is celebratory and exciting. Traditional Christmas colors also include bright fir greens, to simulate the look of the Christmas tree itself.

The table cloth is probably the most important piece of festive table décor. It stretches out over the entire surface, and sets the tone for the whole space, without actually getting in the way of the function of the room. Here you can choose between a cloth of subdued colors, which will allow other pieces to stand out more starkly against its surface, or a brighter patterned piece which will dominate the visual landscape all by itself.

There are also a number of decorative elements which can be placed upon the table itself. Candles, wreathes, seasonal natural decorative pieces, and other centerpiece items which will give the setting a more dimensional and well rounded look.

Carl L. Miller

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