20+ Adorable White Christmas Decoration Ideas

White Christmas style may work for those of you who have been looking at Christmas preparations as a chore recently and would like to go away from the conventional Christmas decorating to something lighter, brighter and more contemporary.

It does not mean that you have to give up on the much-loved tree or homemade decorations. The best way to freshen up your Christmas is to adopt one main color for your decorative theme.

White has always been the minimalist’s favorite and is the ideal color for the job. White works perfectly well in any interior, from a conventional home to a more spacious open-plan loft. White not only looks clean and modern, but it is also soft and dreamy, and fits perfectly into the winter festival.

When decorating your place in white Christmas style, think of white in its broadest sense, and make sure you include silver tones as well as various shades of cream. You can even add touches of gold all over the place as long as you use old gold or platinum shades, rather than shiny new gild. Try to find decorations with unusual finishes, such as feathered baubles, or accessories in semi-transparent porcelain, galvanized metal or fine hand-blown glass.

Carl L. Miller

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