30+ Perfect Winter Decor Ideas For Interior Design

1 min read

There is simply nothing like returning after a long day to a comfortable and inviting living room on a cold winter’s day. The following are some hints to help you come up with a warmer look to your home during the winter season.

Try moving the furniture around. You can make the room feel warmer by placing your furniture pieces in closer proximity to each other. Creating specific areas that lend themselves to close conversation is one plus of putting the pieces in closer range. You can have two or more pieces of furniture face each other or arrange your pieces in a circular shape around a center focal point. Another tip for adding warmth to the room can be round area rugs under furniture groupings. This is especially helpful if you have a larger living space.

Layers are a great idea for your home. People keep warm in the winter by wearing additional layers of clothes. You can use this same piece of advice with your decorating. Layering window treatments and table cloths is a great way to add warmth to the room. Valances for the windows and decorative fabric toppers on the table can add a touch of the season to your space. Layering multiple towels over each other in the bathroom can create the same warm and inviting effect as well.

Let the green movement catch on in your home. Bring in elements from nature, as we tend to associate items from the outdoors with the sunshine and warmth of spring and summer. Adding “green” decor to your living space can bring some of that warm outdoor element in. Some ways this can be done are by using wood furniture, bamboo area rugs, and smaller sized stone sculptures. Another helpful hint is to use winter hardy indoor houseplants to fill in empty spaces.