30+ Best Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Ideas

Farmhouse kitchen sinks, along with the other fixtures in your kitchen, form a critical role in your kitchen. These sinks are ideal for heavy-duty kitchen works and are available in several material variations, each with unique properties to offer. That’s why it’s very important for homeowners to know the right farmhouse kitchen sinks for them.

Usually, the traditional county style farmhouse kitchen sinks are built with a single basin, but other contemporary versions have double basins. These sinks are rectangular (commonly available) and square in shape. Compared to other types of kitchen sinks, farmhouse sinks have the deepest bowl depth (16 inches to 21 inches deep) and are relatively long (30 inches to 34 inches in length). The apron-styled design allows the sink to reach forward with the front portion exposed. These are made from stainless steel, fireclay, copper, cast iron, and granite materials.

If you’re confused which material is the right one for you, here are some of their pros and cons to guide you in choosing.

Stainless steel farmhouse sinks are appropriate for kitchens with contemporary theme. The sleek and glossy texture is very easy to clean and is resistant to corrosion. These are usually available in different stainless steel gauges, which dictate the durability of the material. Some manufacturers also use recycled stainless steel to create their farmhouse kitchen sinks.

The drawbacks to stainless steel farmhouse sinks are the fact that these are pretty noisy – that’s why you need to buy the variety with sound absorber pads or undercoatings – and are prone to denting and scraping. A good brand to look at for stainless steel farmhouse sinks is Blanco America.

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