30+ Stunning Red Home Decor Ideas For Valentines Day

Everyone thinks of chocolates and red roses for Valentine’s Day. But there are other ways to show your Valentine how much you care that will create wonderful memories for years to come.

Create a romantic atmosphere using LED lights and exquisite faux roses easily and economically. These unique Valentine’s Day decoration ideas will set the mood for the most romantic evening ever!

The right lighting is an important part of a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner setting. Here are some different ways to create a romantic mood to enhance your evening.

Balloon lights are small LED lights that fit inside almost any type of balloon. They are battery operated and last an average of 12 hours. What better a way to say “Happy Valentine’s Day” than some heart shaped balloons with brilliant red lights shining from within. They can be set to blink or stay on a steady glow. How unforgettable is that? When the batteries are exhausted you can purchase more, so you can save them for a surprise party, birthday or other upcoming event.

Get some unique garland (perhaps heart-themed or faux rose) and intertwine some red LED mini lights through it. Decorate the dining room with the LED accented garland and a romantic candle centerpiece for the table. The warm glow of the candles and the romantic red brilliance of the LED’s are the perfect way to set the mood for a special Valentine’s Day dinner.

Carl L. Miller

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