30+ Unique Outdoor Valentine Decor Ideas

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Ideally we would all love to whisk our spouse off to enjoy Valentine’s Day at a very beautiful 5 star vacation resort. I don’t know about you, but I can’t afford this right now.

Here are a few suggestions for Valentine’s day, that cost very little and will impress your spouse. If you do it correctly and use your imagination, you’ll have the best Valentine’s Day ever and show the one you love how much you really adore her or him.

Escaping into the outdoors, just you and your spouse, is a terrific way to celebrate Valentines day. Go to the hills or even a state park. You will find hiking trails that cater to all, from a simple walk to a more strenuous hike. Keep in mind, this is February, so it’s very likely the place you go will have few people around. So you’ll have all the natural splendor to yourself. Remember, outdoor solitude can be so romantic!

Take a special picnic lunch or dinner with you. In your picnic basket put a tablecloth, a flower vase with a genuine rose, a couple of taper candles and holders, matches, and a great meal. Once you get to the picnic area you’ll be able to amaze your spouse by setting up an intimate meal. Take your seat and enjoy!