30+ Creative Diy Decorations Ideas For Valentines Day

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On Valentine’s Day, the restaurants are always crowded and hectic and the romantic comedies are sold out at the movie theaters. Why deal with all that when you can have a perfectly romantic evening at home? Here are some tips to create a cozy, stress-free evening for you and your sweetie.

Light some candles: Candles are a no-brainer but this time, try some scented candles. Both ginger and honey are considered aphrodisiacs so look for some in these scents.

Red is overrated: Harsh reds are a Valentine’s classic but there are plenty of other colors out there to give you the warm and fuzzies (and no, I don’t mean pink). Decorate with a deep plum or burgundy tablecloth to set the mood. It’s also less likely to stain during use!

Use a dimmer: Dim lighting equals instant romance but if there’s food involved, candles might not put off quite enough light. Add a dimmer to your light switch for a little extra light without sacrificing the mood. Remember, spilling food all over yourself is not sexy.