30+ Smart Garden Design Ideas For Front Your House

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A front garden design must be done with a fresh perspective. Take in the appearance of your home by strolling up and down the front street a few times. Notice how it looks to a passerby walking past your house or a visitor who walks towards it. How does the space look directly from the front or as you approach from the side?

Usually, people living in the home tend to have a perspective of their own front yard as one that includes a garage and a driveway that leads to the front door, or even looking out from inside the home. It is the perspective that others have when they view the space from the street that will give you an idea of the front garden design that will highlight the best features of your home.

A good garden creates the best impression for your home. The front yard design should ideally, complement the architecture of your home.

There has to be a sense of harmony about the various elements of the garden and home. Keep in mind the period of your home; a sleek and edgy water feature may not be the best fit for the garden in front of your traditional home.

Design your garden in such a way that it is easy to maintain. You may want to minimize the amount of lawn and consider evergreens for trees. A messy and overgrown front yard will not only get on your nerves but also become the eyesore of the neighborhood.

When you design your home and your garden, pay special attention to the driveway. It is a large proportion of most front yards. Choose pavers of the driveway to match the exterior of the house and garden paths, they must also be weight-bearing and resistant to stains and other wear and tear.