20+ Modern Mid Century Apartment Furniture Design Ideas

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The era that gave us mass-produced furniture and the opportunity to “experiment” with our decor is making a come-back in the lush set designs of AMC’s hit show, Mad Men. From Pete’s chic apartment to the Draper’s domestic dream home, everyone seems to be buzzing about mid-century modern, and rightly so.

With whispers of clothing lines coming out based on the fashions from the show, and online forums filled with questions about where to find Dan Draper’s office furniture, the trend towards mid-century modern is firmly in place. Mid-century modern furniture – your grandmother’s furniture – is classic, cheap, and easy to find if you know where to look.

Outside of it being handed down from your relatives when you moved out of the house to go to college, you can find these “antiques of the future” in thrift shops, estate sales, antique auctions and online at sites specializing in mid-century modern.

Mixing these classics with your existing decor is easy. In fact they look fantastic and add a lot of character when mixed with other styles. Furniture of that era is smaller in profile than many modern alternatives, so works really well in smaller spaces. You can even reupholster these pieces to match your color scheme and still do it for less than the cost of new furniture.