20+ Comfy Traditional Bathroom Design Ideas With Japanese Style

There was a time when the only bathtub that most people chose was the traditional oblong style, and this is still a good choice for many people who want to stick with what they know. However, there is now a wide range of bathtubs styles on the market, giving people a much wider range of choice, and there is no need to stick with the traditional styles any longer. One of the main choices that many people are now looking at is the Japanese bathtub, and this article will take a look at a few considerations to keep in mind if you think about choosing a Japanese-style bathtub and for your bathroom.

One of the main considerations to be made is the size of the bathtub, since Japanese bathtubs can tend to be quite large in comparison to the Western style ones. For this reason most people who choose this style of bathtub will tend to have a fairly large bathroom, one where it is possible to use a large amount of space without making the place appeared cluttered. However there are some smaller sized Japanese tubs, some of which are perfect for the small bathroom, particularly one in an apartment. These were often tend to be upright bathtubs, that take up a small amount of floor space but have a lot of depth.

Another thing that needs to be borne in mind is whether to have a sunken version or a bathtub that fits on a pedestal. Some sunken versions can give a great bathing experience, having very deep water, though they do suffer from the disadvantage that they take up a lot of floor space and are therefore not suitable for small bathrooms.

The pedestal version by comparison can often be smaller, though it is possible to find larger sizes in this particular style as well. The standalone Japanese bathtub may often have seats, which means it can take up less floor space but also have very deep water level, enabling you to soak up to your neck.

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