30+ Cool Small Storage Shed Ideas For Garden

1 min read

For the traditional gardeners amongst us, a garden shed is wooden, at least 6 feet by 4 feet and probably bigger, with a supposedly waterproofed apex roof. It is also something you can walk into without ducking your head. Talk of plastic or metal sheds of any type, or garden sheds that you cannot enter in your upright stance, is something quite alien to an old school gardening enthusiast.

What are we supposed to make of the horizontal storage shed, then? Does that mean we have to get down on our hands and knees to get inside, dragging the garden spade and hoe behind or beside us? And do they really make those horizontal “sheds” with plastics, resins, and vinyl? The answers are, no we don’t and yes they are.

Personally, the whole description of “horizontal storage shed” is a misnomer. Not everyone will agree. They are definitely for storage, as is a shed, but a storage bench, box or locker is often the better description. That is all academic, though. These little storage facilities for the yard or garden are very useful indeed, so it matters not one iota what you call it.

A small horizontal storage shed is often a convenient add on to your more traditional walk in shed, if that is getting a bit too crowded for comfort, safety and security. They are also very useful if you have a tiny yard, and simply need to lock away a few tools and other items. They are normally accessed by lifting a lid, or in some cases two lids, but not by crawling in on your hands and knees. They are a similar idea to a patio storage bench, but not designed for sitting on, although there’s nothing to stop you doing so.